Valentine’s Day in Bolinas


Among the thoughts swirling around when thinking of an important event in our love life is, where to? Katherine and I discovered that if we travel somewhere a la mini adventure, that we’ll have an infinitely greater chance of remembering the day better. Valentine’s this year, was such a trip.

Upon criss-crossing the country for some photography commissions, I remember reading in a travel magazine about this funky little Northern California town called Bolinas. It was fabled to be a beautiful coastal surf town just North of Muir Beach and  had the townsfolk infamous for taking down the directional signs off of their highway perches. It’s true. They were hidden in hopes of having traffic float by. Earthy, anti-modern, and delightfully slow are words that wrap around Bolinas.

It’s located above San Francisco by about an hour and a half with a similiar route you’d follow to Muir Woods. Along the way on famous Highway One, you’re bound to see cows happily grazing along the thin coastal road skirting the ocean, lazy golden Pacific sun beams and California condors looping in the sky.

When we rolled up to our little two bedroom inn, we were pleasantly surprised to see an old world house with rickety, nearly New England style, flair. Aging coffeepot, decade old magazines, stark window light in a used pink kitchen, a bedroom full of red velvet and glow from the central window over looking main street. Main street, I should say, is a small and interesting world with the occasional local foot shuffle and weathered facade of small time restaurants and gift shops. The town itself, has the feeling of proud deep roots of creativity, yet the market to outside tourism is almost non-existant. An interesting mix that allured us there. Population around 1600…

Grand Hotel Bolinas   grand Hotel Bolinas kitchen
bolinas beach   
old kitchen in grand hotel bolinas
bolinas hotel room grand hotel   

afternoon light in bolinas california   Bolinas cliff sign
downtown bolinas california   corkboard downtown bolinas california
grand hotel Bolinas kitchen
wine at the coast cafe bolinas california   
coast cafe in bolinas california   coast cafe sign bolinas california
coast cafe menu bolinas california   
rootbeer float bolinas california coast cafe   fish n chips coast cafe bolinas california
bike parking bolinas california
street art bolinas california   street art in bolinas california
gas in bolinas california   
graffiti art in bolinas california
   graffiti art in bolinas california
graffiti art in bolinas california
cafe in stinson beach california   cafe in stinson beach california
omelette in stinson beach california cafe
ocean view near stinson beach california   pacific ocean photo from above
outlook near stinson beach california


  1. This is lovely. I really like the new display of the images in real ratios! <3.

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