Tessa and Buddy at Julie’s Cafe and Tea Garden


Tessa and Bronson “Buddy” are awesome.  After meeting at Julie’s Cafe and Tea Garden in Alameda, which is a wonderful tea infused comfort zone with art on the walls, we took a few photographs outside.

Interestingly enough, Buddy had been learning how perform back handsprings four years ago when he was twenty nine.  I’m twenty nine now, and the day before we met up with them, I had embarked on, yep, learning how to do back handsprings at a friend’s gym.  Strange coincidence right?

Tessa and Buddy are of the self-knowing, adventurous, pave their own path to happiness and fulfillment tribe.  They are kindred spirits and are currently planning their wedding at a beautiful Summer camp nestled in the redwoods near Santa Cruz.  Archery, capture the flag, ropes courses?  Yea, they’ll be used.  Also of note, little comfortable houses with bridges connecting each other far up in the trees… “yup yup.”

Here are a few images of this lovely couple…

Tessa and Buddy the handstander

Tessa and Buddy

Tessa and Buddy

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