Why We Ditched the TV


It’s not that Doug and I ditched the TV out the window in some grand gesture to make a statement about our distant vision, but rather we never bothered to buy one. To be fair, okay, we did buy one once.  It was already broken, and intended for a ‘TV Tree’ art project that never materialized. It ended up as our coffee table, draped in a black cloth to hide it’s latent energy.   Then, during our zillion moves, it disappeared.  I grew up without cable, and I lived next to a huge hill that made most channels come in fuzzy.  I remember longing for Full House, and not knowing who Dawson was except that he lived by a creek, and spoke well. Doug on the other hand, had TV.  He was normal.

Are we addicted to LOST, Arrested Development, Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, DWTS and Desperate Housewives with the best of them?  Yep.  So why don’t we have a shiny flatscreen?  The answer is pretty boring.  I don’t know. We actually like walking to the library to rent DVDs, and we don’t mind waiting for the next netflix envelope?  Yes.  Maybe you do, too? It’s just our way of life.  We like the energy in a room without a big bright screen as the focus.  And we like the smell of books.

Novels, photo books, photography magazines, music magazines, whatever we can get our hands on.  We surf the awesome and never ending diarrhea of information that is the internet… we make fine art photographs, we make commissioned photographs, we make toy camera photographs, play instruments, sing, blog, we read other people’s blogs, we run, we work, watch dvds on our computer, cook, make music, attempt to oil paint, read seriously incredible bride profiles (I AM SO EXCITED TO POST THESE!!!) and we don’t miss the box that won’t be named!  Honestly!

Katherine’s current reading: I have a weakness for fat french novels, (Milan Kundera) looong fantasies (Phillip Pullman), and anything even slightly involving witches, armored bears, musicology,humor, philosophy, imagination, and curiosity.

Note to nearlywed brides: I think you might love this one.

Doug’s current reading: Photography, photography, photography… and Fiction!!!


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