Happy Thanksgiving! What We’re Thankful For…


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We cooked a wonderful dinner together with garlic mashed potatoes (yukons! steamed! with skins!), butternut squash porridge, pomegranates, pumpkin bread, some killer red wine (2006 Angeline Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Rosa, California)  that we scored at the GAS STATION (bonus of living in wine country! – super wine in unexpected places – and inexpensive!)  and apple pie.  With our immediate families spread out across the globe in China, D.C., Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, it was a quiet holiday with  just the two of us, though our loved ones were never far from our hearts.  In the spirit of the holiday, and of harvest, here’s what we’re most thankful for:

Our Health

There’s something to be said about the California lifestyle.  We walk everywhere, have considered trading our car for two kick butt bikes (not yet but…), we eat fresh local produce from the farmer’s market here in town, Doug’s hair is turning blonde, and we have the ocean breeze at our backs when we go for runs on these gigantic hills.

Our Families

Our families are the most important to us.  With their support and love, everything is possible.  Whether it’s Katherine’s boisterous Korean family with grandmas singing Karaoke, shamanistic ceremonies, and soju (sweet potato/asparagus vodka) all around into the wee hours of the night, or Doug’s gatherings with delicious food, intoxicating laughter, board games!, wine, long talks, and heartwarming cups of tea, or a phone call with our siblings, or an email across the world, we are so thankful for our wonderful, generous, gentle, loving, patient, talented, beautiful families.  <3 <3 <3

Each Other

Everything is easier when shared with the one you love.  From the first postage stamp sized studio apartment, in the heart of the most stressful city on the planet, to crisscrossing the United States crammed together with our belongings like a couple of sardines, we’re two of a kind.  With funny nicknames.  We are so thankful for each others’ love.

Our Friends

Our best friends make us crack up when we’re down, inspire us to be our best selves, will tell us when our pants don’t fit right, and are always up for a road trip…

Our Peaceful Days

We are so fortunate to have this calm sort of lifestyle making a living doing what we love, listening to ocean waves, and exploring our new town.  We are so thankful for this peaceful chapter of our lives.

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