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Welcome! How’s it going? Katherine here. You’ve found the official blog of Helios Images! Congratulations. Let’s get the third person jibber jabber about us out of the way first, but have faith, I’ll get to the juicy stuff in a little bit:

“Since 2005, Douglas Despres and Katherine Park Deakin have collaborated with couples worldwide to craft documentary film photographs of tremendous caliber and incredible tones. This tradition grows today with Helios Images. Serving both the digital and analog worlds, we are able to develop your project through the initial capture to the hand crafted prints on your wall, and beyond. From our home studio in Cambria, and our commissions worldwide, our award-winning photographs hold up our moxie to print making excellence and underscore film photography as one of the world’s finest visual mediums.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, who are we REALLY?

Mall Photo Booth Madness

Katherine and Doug of Helios Images

We are photographers,

We seek to have fun,
Make a Living,
And learn something.

We love new places,
The sound of the surf, and
The smell of jasmine.

What sets us apart
Is our original snapshot aesthetic,
and our innovative processes.

Sometimes abstract,
Always honest,
A declaration of love.

(Art as a declaration of love? YES, YES, YES!)

Now, please sit back enjoy the mall photo booth original of us froofing off.

More about Katherine? Well, I’m something of the never-married, twenty-something, lo-fi holgagrapher, ethereal waver, rock singer, Korean-American, gourmande variety. Doug belongs to the adrenaline junkie, athlete, film purist, chocoholic, comedian, and lobster mania tribe. All that minus lots of fun accolades and awards and such. Plenty of time for that later, I say, when applicable. We’re both perfectionists, but I, being a teed bit more neurotic perhaps, have been deemed ‘one in charge of the blog’ so… here goes! Enjoy, fetch a snack, dig in and get comfy, because this is just the beginning, the first teensy taste of the giant, flour-less chocolate mouthful that is Helios Images, from our body/heart/soul to yours.

Katherine & Doug

415-325-2020 / 617-285-4350
Alameda, California 94501

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