Family Session at Fort Point in San Francisco


Family photoshoots can be very intimate and touching if done at or around your home. The second option, is picking a creative place to explore and have fun, which is what we did here…

For the Larson Family, I suggested we go to Fort Point, after seeing a few images from the Google image search, and noticing the possibilities with the lighting and architecture.  We arrived on a Sunday, where there was a slow flow of foot traffic and we could use different parts of the space.

Fort Point was originally built during the civil war, later becoming a national historic monument by president Nixon in 1970.  Today it’s overseen by friendly park rangers, who greet and assist tourists and historians.  Luck was with it, as the chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge, Joseph Strauss, took a stake in saving the fort by redesigning the entire Golden Gate Bridge’s layout before it’s construction.

So yeah, it’s got history.  And within the repetitive walls and oodles of natural light, it makes for a sweet photos.

With photographing families or small kids in general, we’ve found that kinetic energy is number one.  A few times we stopped and did some posing with the light and positioning, but much of the time was spent slowly meandering around and letting the two parents cuddle their mini Anya.  I’m pretty sure that Anya didn’t have knees yet, which is awesome.  Thank you Larson’s…

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