Doug Honored by the WPJA


Whoa, Doug is currently ranked as number 27 in the world by the honorable Wedding Photojournalist Association :) Good times. Here is one of his award winning images which got him there, complete with commentary by one of the judges, in which two of the three are Pulitzer Prize winning photographers:

I was intrigued and impressed with this image and how the photographer chose to marry the scene with a moment. At first glance it’s a confusing scene, until you realize it’s like a wedding version of a tailgate party. Perhaps here we could call it a “veil-gate” party. It’s a simple gathering of celebrants on what appears to be an overcast day with fog – not your traditional ideal weather for an outdoor wedding. And yet, its simplicity yields an air of perfection. After all, a moment is what it is and nothing trumps a true moment.

… it was an amazing foggy intimate wedding, starting at the beautiful Post Ranch Inn and continuing along historic Highway One in Big Sur, California…

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